SMS-Resource is a coordination service
via SMS

Reach your workers and temp staff in no time and solve your schedule gap even faster. With our service SMS-Resource you can reach all your workers instantly. No more hours spent with phone calls and unnecessary time away from your daily tasks.

SMS-Resource automates the work of finding staff to fill the work schedule or to cover for absent staff. Your entire staff is available at the push of a button via a text message straight to their mobiles. A few minutes later you will have their replies. Those that accept the request are automatically booked and receive a confirmation by text. You will be in full control of schedule and staffing by using SMS-Resource.

SMS-Resource is easy to use – this is the way you do it:

  • 1. You need 20 waiters

    If you need to book staff for a large event, the choice is yours – to start phoning or to use SMS-Resource.

  • 2. Send a text message

    Select the staff or temps required, fill in time and other info on the work shift and send the request by text.

  • 3. All positions are filled

    Minutes later you will have replies from the staff. Those that accept will automatically be booked on the shift and receive a confirmation.

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